28.03.2022 | Tips

Our ingredients

Our hero ingredients are always inspired by nature. From sustainable seaweed that helps your hair shine, to up-cycled sugar beets to keep skin nourished – you’ll always find the best plant-based ingredients nature has to offer in our products.

Read on to learn more about some of our favourite ingredients!

Naturally abundant seaweed

Channelled Wrack is a common seaweed found around all over the Atlantic shorelines of Europe. The sugars from this seaweed have excellent hydrating qualities, so much so that the seaweed can survive out of water for up to eight days!

When used in haircare, these same sugars have similar hydrating benefits that work to keep hair hydrated and shiny, while restoring moisture in the deeper layers of your hair.

Find it in our Cleansing Shampoo


Up-cycled oranges

We take our oranges from the groves of Calabria, Italy. Grown for the food industry, we pick the oranges that are considered unsuitable for consumption (too small, odd shape etc.) and include them in our products. This helps to reduce some of the 88 million tones of food waste generated annually in the EU.

We use an extract from the pulp of these oranges to mimic protein, the stuff your hair is made of, to help leave it feeling stronger, smoother and more nourished.

Find it in our Nourishing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner

Up-cycled sugar beets

Sugar Beets are a member of the beet family, and responsible for around 30% of the world’s sugar production each year. We use sugar beet molasses – a by-product of this sugar production – to get Betaine, an amino acid that is also naturally found in the body.

Betaine works to balance the skin’s hydration, helping it maintain moisture and working to prevent dry skin.

Find it in our Refreshing Body Wash and Refreshing Hand Wash.


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Happy refilling!