Refill Bottles

Refill Bottles

Designed to be safe for you, your family and the planet.

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Switch to plant-based formulations in lifetime bottles

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Get recyclable refills delivered to your door

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Each refill reduces your plastic impact by up to 98%

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Plant-powered performance

What does plant-powered mean?

All of our formulations are built around powerfully effective natural ingredients, from the skin-hydrating sugar beet extract in our hand and body wash to the hair-nourishing orange extract in our shampoo and conditioner. When we can’t do the job with plants alone, we’ll use a safe synthetic. Just like the pairing of sweat-stopping aluminium salts and moisture-mopping hemp extracts in our bestselling antiperspirant.

At last - a natural deodorant that works to keep me fresh and dry!!! It smells amazing and I love how sustainable it is!