5 reasons why thousands are

5 reasons why thousands are ditching their Mitchum for this 

ditching their Mitchum for this

sustainable antiperspirant!

August 2023

Written by: Jess


The refills reduce plastic by 98%

The refills come in paper-based cartons, similar to the ones you get orange juice and milk in! They’re easily recycled and much lighter on the planet, with each carton cutting out 98% plastic compared to plastic deodorant bottles. The little cartons make you wonder why the big companies ever switched to plastic bottles in the first place!


It’s made with

kind-to-skin ingredients

The antiperspirant uses a plant-based formulation with ingredients that are especially designed to be kind to your skin. A couple of great ingredients are the hemp shives that mop up excess moisture, and the fermented sugars that have great soothing properties. On top of that, the ingredients are proudly vegan and cruelty-free!


It comes in a gorgeous refillable bottle

People have said that if Apple made a deodorant, it would look like this. The bottle is made from reinforced frosted glass and an elegantly designed stainless steel lid. When you need to refill it, you simply pop-off the roller ball and top up the bottle.


It keeps you confidently sweat-patch free

A lot of people have tried sustainable deodorant brands and find that they don’t actually stop you from sweating. That’s because they’re designed to prevent bad odour, but not to actually stop sweat. Because this is an antiperspirant, it stops both sweat and bad odour – meaning there’s finally an eco option that leaves you confidently dry all day long.


It actually works

out cheaper than Mitchum!

Your first purchase is £11.99, which might sound like a lot for a deodorant but what you’re actually paying for is the lifetime bottle here. After that, it works out as just £4.25 per refill (which lasts about a month). These come in handy cartons of four refills, so you’ll always have enough to keep you topped up!

Thousands of

happy customers




already made the switch

made the switch


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Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 450+ reviews


by Mary Duggan

This is such a good idea

This is such a good idea! The bottle feels substantial and well-made - it's going to last for a long time - and it looks attractive. The deodorant is extremely effective and smells gorgeous. I'm very impressed.


by HS

Exactly what I wanted

Great product! Exactly what I wanted - a plastic-free option for an anti-perspirant that works. It smells nice as it goes on and then pretty neutral when dry. Feels comfortable the whole day and no nasty marks. All I need now is a refillable small travel-size roller please! I’m looking forward to my refills coming and I definitely plan to try out the other bathroom refillables.


by LJ

The best sustainable deodorant!

Absolutely love Life Supplies deodorant! Keeps you dry, smelling good and best of all, for a sustainable product, it doesn't put any white marks on clothes!


by Catherine Jennings

Absolutely fantastic product

Absolutely fantastic product. I’ve been searching for a sustainable deodorant for ages without success because the majority of them just don’t work. But this is brilliant! It completely stops me sweating. The scent is fine but I’m looking forward to the release of different fragrances because it’s a little medicinal for me, but the main thing is it’s guilt free and extremely effective.

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Antiperspirant 50ml, Eucalyptus



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Antiperspirant 50ml, Eucalyptus


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Antiperspirant 50ml, Eucalyptus


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