Homes that help rather than harm our planet

Hello, we’re Life Supplies

a team of creators, engineers and scientists
who believe that our homes and the products we use in them
should help rather than harm our planet.

Most of the products we use every day – from soaps and shampoos
to washing up liquid and cleaning products – need a total rethink.
They were designed to shout at you from a supermarket shelf,
with very little thought to how they look in your home,
and no consideration for the waste and damage
caused by their production and disposal.
They feel like relics from a bygone era.
It’s time for something completely new.

By considering the design of the whole system, not just products in isolation,
we’re reimagining the way we keep ourselves and our homes clean.
By starting with people instead of profit, we’re creating products
to work well, feel good, and look great in your home.
And by challenging convention, we’re thinking differently about
how to source, upcycle, produce, package, distribute, use and recycle products
so they’re kinder to you, your home and the environment.

This is just the beginning.
We’re constantly asking questions to try and improve –
‘How can we reduce our impact dramatically?’
‘Could refilling be more fulfilling?’
‘Should we rethink the design and fabric of the home?’
‘What can we learn from nature?’
‘What does packageless look like?’

We’re looking for a better way to live
and excited by the challenges ahead.
It’s a journey that starts in the bathroom.
You could say it’s our life’s work.

Care for you, your home, and our home planet