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67% of people are embarrassed by their bathroom waste

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UK bathrooms use over 152 tonnes of single-use plastic bottles. How great would it be if that number was zero?

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Your first refills arrive in one month. They're packaged in easily recyclable paper-based cartons, saving up to 98% in plastic.


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Receive ongoing refills on your schedule and enjoy your new plastic-free bathroom. Each refill order lasts around 3 months.

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97% prefer Life Supplies to their previous brand

Everything smells amazing!

I started off with the antiperspirant but very quickly switched my entire bathroom over to Life Supplies! It's amazing the difference it makes, seeing such little plastic in the bathroom and instead having their refillable bottles. Amazing!

By Cath D

Feels good to plastic-free

I've been looking for a single sustainable option for all of my bathroom products, rather than having a separate company for deodorant, loo roll, hand wash etc. – I'm so happy to have found Life Supplies!! The toothpaste is defintely my favourite but to be honest I love everything about them!

By Liz Wilson

The bottles are amazing

It's great to know that you're cutting out your plastic and buying locally, but the one thing I was amazed by is just how well made all of the bottles are! I've had mine for almost a year now and they're still as good as new – they look great in my bathroom too!

By Mary Emery

I made the switch from a leading brand…

I made the switch from a leading brand of toothpaste so I had my doubts as to whether I would like it. But because I’m making a conscious effort this year to make some personal changes to the way I shop and recycle I went for it and I love it! Not only does it taste lush but my sink no longer gets in a mess and I’m doing my share to save the planet! Win win!

By Rebecca Townsley

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