Nourishing Shampoo


Give your hair some plant-based love with our deeply nourishing shampoo. Designed with your hair and the planet in mind, we’ve created a unique natural formula that replicates the cleansing function often delivered through synthetic proteins.

Made with

  • Botanical extracts from unused oranges that nourishes your hair
  • Amino acids from excess oats that gently cleanses without stripping oils 

Goes great with

  • Life Supplies Nourishing Conditioner

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Treat your hair, show the planet you care

Treat your hair:

We know that finding your perfect shampoo is tough, which is why we spent over a year making sure we got it just right. Our natural ingredients combine the super-nourishing powers of orange botanical extracts, with the gently-cleansing properties of oats. The result perfectly replicates the simple but effective shampooing system typically created by synthetic proteins and sulfates. Good for the planet, even better for your hair.


Show the planet you care:

We use premium, natural ingredients and package them in a recyclable paper-based milk carton. Whilst we love all our ingredients, we do have a couple of plant-powered super heroes with an extra special story:

Botanical extracts from oranges (PhotoCycle Orange™) – we’re in love with this ingredient because it uses pulp from oranges deemed ‘too ugly’ to eat, meaning less waste and more magic. The extracts mimic natural proteins already present in your hair, in turn strengthening your locks and providing natural shape.  

Oat amino acids (Sodium Lauroyl) – we think oats make a great choice for when we need a cleansing ingredient because their industrial versatility makes them readily available, meaning more to share for cleaner hair. The amino acids provide a natural cleanse that restores your hair without stripping essential oils.

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