Refreshing Body Wash


Treat your body to a natural, refreshing wash with our carefully formulated body wash. We use wonky and unloved natural ingredients, crafted to achieve the same great showers you’re used to whilst minimising the impact on the planet.

Made with

  • Sugar extracts from naturally abundant sugar beets to moisturise skin
  • Amino acids from unloved apples to create a gentle cleanse

Available in

  • Citrus-bursting lime
  • Unwinding eucalyptus
  • Simple fragrance-free 

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Cruelty Free

Clean body, clean planet

Clean body:

Our carefully selected, plant-based ingredients recreate the cleaning effect often delivered by chemicals like sulfates and sodium chloride in other body washes. A unique blend of amino acids from apples; sugar extracts from plants; and citric acids from fruits work together to create a moisturising and cleansing wash. That's conscious without compromise.


Clean planet:

We use premium, natural ingredients and package them in a paper-based milk carton. Whilst we love all our ingredients, we do have a couple of favourite plant-powered super heroes with an extra special story:

Sugar extracts from sugar beets (Betaine) – we love this ingredient because it uses a bi-product from industrial sugar production, meaning less waste and more magic. Betaine works to balance moisture in the skin, leaving hands fresh after every wash.

Apple amino acids (Sodium Cocoyl) – one of our favourites because it makes the most from unloved apples that would have otherwise gone to waste, meaning more juice from every apple. The amino acids create a beautiful lather that helps deliver a gentle but effective cleanse.