Personal care for people that care

Our (not so) eureka moment

We didn’t create Life Supplies after a life-changing experience. We created Life Supplies because we were fed up. We were stuck in the same old routine of buy, use, bin, repeat. And it didn’t feel good. Take the bathroom. There’s stuff it just needs – the essentials. But each time we dragged ourselves to the shop (yep, run out of deodorant, again), we were met by a sea of single-use plastic, harsh chemicals and shouty packaging. There had to be a better way.

What we did about it

Together with a plucky bunch of scientists, designers and creators, we've reimagined your bathroom essentials.

We started with what was on the inside

We combine the best of nature and science, swapping harsh chemicals for natural ingredients, while keeping the stuff that works. So yes, all of our products are plant-powered, vegan and will forever be SLS and paraben-free. But we’ll never sacrifice effectiveness just so we can add something else to that list.

Before elevating what was on the outside

We designed our range to look good in your bathroom, not to shout from a supermarket shelf. But it's not just about aesthetics. All of our bathroom essentials are refillable, and come in a lifetime bottle that’s built to last. No more hiding your bathroom products away before guests arrive. And no more plastic guilt.

Then rethinking their route to your bathroom

When you run out, you just top up your lifetime bottle from one of our recyclable refills. They look a lot like milk cartons. And that’s because they are. They use up to 98% less plastic than regular bathroom bottles, so we're big fans. No more running to the shop. Just buy once, then refill forever.

Ready to upgrade your bathroom?