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All of our formulations are plant-powered, vegan and will always be SLS and paraben-free.

It's all part of the Life Supplies Standard.

Real ingredients, sourced with care

We love natural ingredients. Whether it’s harnessing the power of wonky fruit or delighting in the aromas of essential oils, we’re always searching for new ways to make the most of earth’s gifts. When we can, we prefer to upcycle ingredients that would’ve otherwise gone to waste.

Calabria's ugly oranges

Italy’s Calabria region is anything but ugly. Alongside rugged mountain vistas, quaint villages and dramatic coastline, it’s home to row-upon-row of sun-dappled orange groves.

But these groves hide an ugly secret: lots of the fruit ends up being wasted. Whether too small or just a little misshapen, countless oranges end up being discarded – joining the 57 million tonnes of food waste the EU creates each year.

We rescue these imperfect fruits, then use an extract from their pulp in our shampoo and conditioner. The extract mimics your hair proteins, nourishing it and leaving it feeling softer, smoother and stronger. All from a few wonky oranges.

Champagne’s unloved hemp

The French region of Champagne-Ardenne is best known for – you guessed it – champagne. But it’s also France’s biggest producer of hemp, which ends up in beauty products, medicines and more. While most of the plant gets used, the stalks (called hemp shives) are considered waste by the hemp industry. That’s where we come in. Hemp shives are good at absorbing liquid, so we take an extract from them and put it in our antiperspirant formulation. Instead of being wasted, they help to mop up surface moisture and keep your armpits dry. We think that’s pretty cool.

When we can’t upcycle or re-use, we make sure to source our ingredients sustainably. From the responsibly-sourced eucalyptus essential oils that give our antiperspirant its spa-like scent, to the FSC-certified bamboo we use to make our toilet paper, we’ll always put people and planet first.

The best of nature and science

The best of nature and science

We don’t use natural ingredients for the sake of it. We use them because they work:

  • Apple surfactant: helps our hand wash to foam without irritating your hands.
  • Hemp extracts: help our antiperspirant to keep you dry by naturally mopping up moisture.
  • Corn kernel extracts: help our facial cleaner to lock moisture into your skin.
  • Sugar beet extracts: help our body wash to balance moisture, protecting against dry skin.

So yes, we replace harsh chemicals with natural alternatives – but we’re not afraid to pair them with clever bits of science to create formulations that really work.

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