What will your bathroom look like in 9 years?

In 9 years, we’ve transitioned from brick phones to smartphones - we've seen tech revolutions redefine the everyday.

Now, imagine that leap in your bathroom. Life Supplies is not just stepping into the future; we're leaping towards a vision so bold it reimagines your most personal space.


Futuristic bathroom

Welcome to 2033

Step into your future bathroom: a high-tech sanctuary where clutter and stress vanish. With a constantly rotating hydrodynamic conveyor belt of your essential products - you get exactly what you need, when you need it.


Futuristic bathroom pink

Why 9 years ahead?

Why are we talking about what bathrooms will look like in 9 years? Because monumental change takes bold vision.

While our competitors look 3 years ahead, we project further so that our innovation lands in a bolder place than it would with conventional thinking.

We see a bathroom that:

  • Self-restocks via a hydrodynamic conveyor belt
  • Personalises your experience before you even enter
  • Acts as your ultimate sanctuary, a stress-free zone to unwind


Futuristic bathroom smooth

Shape the Future with Us

What's your #BathroomOfTheFuture? Share your ideas in the comments section below! Your ideas fuel our innovation.


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