Why our customers disliked our initial bottle concept


When we first launched our bottles, the feedback was far from flattering. Customers were sharing their disappointment, primarily due to the messy refill process.

They were messy

Picture this: you're trying to refill your bottle, but instead of a smooth transition, you end up with a spill all over your bathroom counter. To make matters worse, the bottle's narrow neck demanded the use of a funnel for refilling, complicating what should have been a simple task.

We listened to our customers


Driven by our commitment to both innovation and customer satisfaction, we knew it was time for a significant change. So, we partnered with some of the best minds in product design at Pentagram to tackle this challenge head-on.

Our goal? To transform the refill experience from a chore into a highlight. The result of our collaboration was the now beloved flat-top bottle design.

Why we decided on the flat-top design

The beauty of the flat-top bottle lies in its simplicity and functionality. You can flip it upside down to refill it without worrying about spills. Plus, the solid zinc cap ensures the bottle remains stable during the process, eliminating the need for precarious balancing acts.

This thoughtful feature has become a talking point among our customers, a small detail that significantly enhances the user experience. It's often the little things that make the biggest difference.

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