Plant-powered formulations designed for a brighter, whiter and more sustainable smile.

  • Oral Care Set


    Oral Care Set

    What's included?
    Includes: Maverick Toothpaste, Maverick Toothpaste Refill, Bamboo Toothbrush
    Oral Care Set
    £39.97 £29.97

    Take a fresh approach to looking after your teeth with our plastic-saving kit. Each kit replaces 4 standard toothpaste tubes that would otherwise end up in landfill. Every order also funds the collection of 15 ocean-bound plastic bottles via our partner PlasticBank®.


    • 1 x Maverick Toothpaste (Mint Flavour)
    • 1 x Maverick Toothpaste Refill (Mint Flavour)
    • 1 x Bamboo Toothbrush

    Refill & save:

    • Get recyclable refills delivered
    • £12.99 per 200ml refill (save 15%)
    • First refill ships after 4 months
    • Ongoing refills every 3 months

    Bottles ship once with today's order

    Then refills only in future orders
  • Bestseller


    Maverick Toothpaste 70ml

    Maverick Toothpaste 70ml
    £17.99 £14.99

    Clean up your dental routine with the UK’s first refillable toothpaste.

    • All-natural mint flavour for fresh breath
    • Developed with dental experts
    • Clinically proven to fight cavities
    • With teeth-whitening papaya enzymes
    • Get a lifetime pump bottle, refill it forever
    • Refill & save: £12.99 every 3 months for a multi-refill pouch
    • Running low but not on a plan? Order a refill
    First refill in 1 month, then every 3 months

    First refill ships in 1 month
  • Maverick


    Maverick Toothpaste Refill 200ml

    Maverick Toothpaste Refill 200ml
    £14.99 £12.99

    Refill your lifetime bottle with our naturally whitening toothpaste.

    • All-natural mint flavour
    • Recycled plastic pouch for mess-free refilling
    • Recycle your empties with soft plastics or return to us for free
    • Each 200ml pouch holds 3 refills (enough for 3 months)
    • Refill & save: get automatic refills and save 15%
  • Oral care, upgraded

    Switch and never buy a toothpaste tube again

Plant-powered performance

What does plant powered mean?

All of our formulations are built around powerfully effective natural ingredients, from the skin-hydrating sugar beet extract in our hand and body wash to the hair-nourishing orange extract in our shampoo and conditioner. When we can’t do the job with plants alone, we’ll use a safe synthetic. Just like the pairing of sweat-stopping aluminium salts and moisture-mopping hemp extracts in our bestselling antiperspirant.