We’re building a better future

And it begins in your bathroom

Our bathroom routines are broken...

Only 50% of bathroom waste is recycled

90% of UK kitchen waste is recycled, but we only recycle 50% of our bathroom waste.

The rest ends up in landfill

Recyclable bathroom waste accounts for up to 40% of the UK’s total landfill use.

30,000 tonnes. Every. Single. Year.

That's about the same weight as 220 blue whales.

But together, we can fix them

Familiar stuff, just kinder

Most people in the UK still use liquid bathroom products, from shower gel to shampoo. We’re not here to upset your routine, we’re here to help you find a kinder rhythm. So long, single-use plastic. Hello, refillable plant-powered essentials.

Our bottles are for life

So we built them to last. Get a lifetime bottle in your first delivery, then refill forever. Take our frosted glass antiperspirant bottle: not just handsome to look at, but effortless to refill. Just unscrew the lid, pop the top and pour.

Recyclable refills

Your refills come in recyclable paper-based cartons. We like them because they use up to 98% less plastic than conventional bathroom bottles. They can be recycled in almost all of the UK – mostly in regular kerbside collections, and the rest at dedicated drop off points. Simply wash, squash and go. To stop leakages, our cartons have a plastic lid and inner lining. So we’re not plastic-free. Yet.

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