Cleansing Shampoo


Treat your hair to a gentle, plant-based cleanse with our naturally cleansing shampoo. Designed with your hair and the planet in mind, we’ve created a unique natural formula that replicates the shampooing function often delivered through synthetic proteins. The result leaves hair feeling moisturised, refreshed and smooth.

Made with

  • Sugar extracts from naturally abundant seaweed that moisturises your hair
  • Amino acids from unloved apples to create gentle cleanse

Goes great with

  • Life Supplies Nourishing Conditioner

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Healthy hair, healthy planet

Healthy hair:

We spent over a year developing our plant-based cleansing shampoo, making sure it works to leave hair cleansed, healthy and shiny. Our natural ingredients recreate the cleansing function often achieved by sulfates, using a unique combination of moisturising sugar extracts and gently-cleansing aminio acids.


Healthy planet:

We use premium, natural ingredients and package them in a recyclable paper-based milk carton. Whilst we love all of our ingredients, we do have a couple of plant-powered super heroes with an extra special story:

Seaweed sugar extracts (Xylishine) we love this ingredient because of the naturally abundant nature of seaweed, meaning there's plenty for us to pack into our shampoo without impacting our magical marine ecosystem. Xylishine soothes and moisturises hair fibres to deliver a restored, natural shine to your hair.

Apple amino acids (Proteol Apl) – one of our favourites because it makes the most from unloved apples that would have otherwise gone to waste, meaning less waste and more magic. The amino acids work up a gentle foam that cleanses your hair without stripping away essential oils.